About Us

We are a technology partner

Who we are

We develop strategies, create content, build products, integrate or migrate systems and then some — all to empower our clients and their customers.

Our Approach

Passion and commitment

Impartial View

Choosing the right technology is challenging. There are so many options. Vendors and salespeople want to convince you their solution is the one to choose. We don’t resell products which allows us to maintain an impartial view.

Right the First Time

Throughout her career, the founder worked with many companies and individuals who purchased the wrong technology before her arrival. Helping you make the right decisions up front is now her passion.

Depth of Experience

Since the age of 16, our founder gained technology experience in large organizations including SABRE, American Airlines, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, Litton Industries, and Gateway Church (mega-church). Leveraging that experience with current technology to solve business problems is embedded in our culture.

Business Understanding

With experience implementing a wide range of solutions while working in corporate America, our founder understands the requirements of large-scale projects. She now owns multiple businesses and also understands the challenges of the entrepreneur and small business owner.

If you’ve got a technology issue or are looking to implement new technology, we can help!